Bridget Williams Books

Bridget Williams Books (BWB) is an independent publisher that focuses on New Zealand history, Maori experience, contemporary issues and women’s studies. BWB decided to establish a presence on the web that is fresh, clear-cut and engaging. The purposes of the website are to:

For Heliocell this meant creating a site design, content management system and online ordering system to suit the needs of BWB. The design was developed in accordance to the strict branding guidelines of BWB, and presents the information in an easy to find and easy to read manner. Utilising a neutral colour scheme makes it easy for visual tools like book covers to stand out effectively.

The online shop and content management system makes it easy for customers to order books online from anywhere around the world. BWB staff can update the site easily with text and graphics when a new title is published. Book information is collected and presented in the correct format for publishers and related industries.

And most importantly, for BWB customers the site provides an easy method for finding information on their favourite topics, books, reviews and media comments, and then ordering the books they desire.

BWB logo and main navigation of website

Screenshot of shopping cart system

Book detail with picture of book cover and details