Bryce Francis Graphics

The Electicity Engineers' Association (EEA) recently completed re-branding of the organisation. To herald their new look, a new website was also needed. Heliocell were brought on board to design the website to work with their existing content management system from Cyberglue.

The EEA branding is implemented smoothly with a clean, fresh look, complimented by the professional blues used in the logo and stripes. Imagery was chosen to convey a new look to the electricity industry - one that is positive, fresh, happy and breaks out of stereotypes. The overall look was designed to appeal to the technical audience of EEA members, using the cool greys that are also present in branding material.

EEA decided to go with a wider layout for the site, as a lot of their members have high-resolution LCD monitors. To keep the valuable content easy to read on this wider layout, Heliocell ensured that the written content was kept to a width that is easy to read. Dynamic items, such as the navigation and member personalisation, are integrated seamlessly into the design.

Working alongside Cyberglue, Heliocell built the website which was then integrated into the existing content management system that EEA were using. The result is a collaborative project that effectively heralds the new branding and appeals to the members of EEA.

EEA - Electricity Engineers' Association

Screenshot of EEA website menu

Screenshot of website imagery of street lamp