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The Finance Department at Victoria University of Wellington required a new, custom-built system to organise and formalise the information regarding the Equivalent Full-Time Study (EFTS) course splits. Heliocell custom designed and built this system for the University which allows for different school and financial department representatives to maintain their funding.

The design of the system brought in a fresh new look to the Finance Department's applications, and greatly improves the ease of use over previous systems. Carrying across the Victoria branding adds consistency to the application, while still bringing in enough of a different look to give the Finance Department the individuality they require.

The whole application is built using the Microsoft's .net framework, which creates a strong back-end, greater security, and easy future expansion. This system is accessible through a Heliocell built Control Panel, providing secure menu driven access to this and other applications the Financial Advice team use. All reports can be exported to MS Excel, for archiving or further analysis.

Victoria University branding and navigation of the system

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