H.B. Williams Memorial Library - Gisborne's Public Library

Gisborne Library's original website was developed in 1997 and remained fairly static until now.  We have designed and developed a complete new site for Gisborne Public Library, with a lot more in-depth information and a completely new structure.

The design projects a professional and corporate image, making the library appealing to the site visitors. The site also showcases the library facilities through imagery. Visitors have the ability to search the library catalogue online, check on upcoming events, and discover other valuable information.

The site is run from one of Heliocell's content management systems, making it quick and easy for the busy library staff to update. The library catalogue - OPAC system - runs simultaneously from the internal catalogue, meaning that this content of the website is always up to date.

The site has been built to meet e-government web guidelines.


Search box with options for searching catalogue, EPIC databases and more

HB Williams Memorial Library