Based in Gisborne, Pultron are world leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality Fibre Reinforced Structural Profiles. Through a strong commitment to research and innovative technologies Pultron exports to over 70 countries worldwide. Pultron decided it was time to update the design and functionality of their website, and address the need to have an easy way to update the content.

Heliocell worked with the imagery and branding of Pultron to come up with a design that is professional and clean, while being eye catching and bold. Detail photography in the header of the site gives a visual indication of Pultron's work, and generates visual interest with geometrical patterns. The site is easy to navigate and visitors can find the information they need easily, including relevant case studies and applications of pultrusions.

Pultron staff can update the website content easily using Heliocell's content management solution, so Pultron customers can be kept up to date with any new developments and/or research.

Pultron logo and navigation on website

List of pultrusion properties

Navigation system