An attractive, interactive and accessible website that appeals to a very wide audience of adults and children, and deals with very important and serious information surrounding skin cancer.

The SunSmart project followed an in-depth planning phase which included an audience survey of the old website, review of the needs of the Health Sponsorship Council, a communication brief, audience profiles and a strict timeline.

The unique concepts followed different angles that were identified in the research, which all surround the sun, sky and health.  The page and content area of the developed design is open and airy, just like looking at a clear blue sky.  Shapes that highlight areas are organic asymmetric shapes – reminiscent of clouds.  Visitors feel refreshed and relaxed due to the space and calm colours used.

The interactive UVI Map allows children and adults alike to discover the UV in their area, and gives personal guidelines about what each individual should do according to the UV rating.

All of the above was built to fit to e-Government guidelines of accessibility, and is cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.  Printed pages and PDF documents were also intentionally designed to fit with other SunSmart branding and printed material.


SunSmart logo on the website

Interactive UVI Map

A general content page on the SunSmart website