The original Turihaua website was launched in 2001, and six years later it was due for some further development. The feedback from site visitors showed that overall the site was working wonderfully – it was easy to navigate, all the information was there, and looked great.

Therefore the site was refreshed rather than redesigned, and given a bit of a modern twist.  The elements that work were left where they were. Photo header imagery now appears as if they were real photos sitting on a table top, and colour scheme was changed from using orange for highlighting, to a rich green – reminiscent of the pasture at Turihaua.

A slight content restructure was completed to eliminate the need for pop-up windows.  Overall, the site now looks tidier, layout is more consistent, and content is easier to read than before.  Technically, the site was taken to a web standards code-base which make it more accessible and faster to download.

Further developments include implementing a custom photo gallery to profile the beautiful farm and scenery of Turihaua Station.

Turihaua Angus logo

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