Writeclick - Writers of great website content

The brief was simple: create a clean yet engaging website for Wellington copy-writing company Writeclick.

We embraced the fact that Writeclick specialise in writing for the web, and designed a text-focused site that let the words speak for themselves. Working with a grid layout and the company's brand guidelines we provided Writeclick with a simple, fresh website that reflected their brand values. Keeping it minimalist but lively, the logo was animated with bouncing balls. Writeclick update their site themselves - a job made easier by the grid layout and cascading style sheets.

As well as being clean on looks, the website is clean on code. This allows for a high level of accessibility, enabling the widest possible audience to visit the site.

"We had a clear picture in our minds of what we wanted the site to look like, and Heliocell got it spot on. They're also great people to work with."

Melua Watson, Writeclick.

Writeclick logo animation

Heading and paragraph of text

Screenshot of portfolio page