Online Applications

Heliocell specialise in taking existing business processes to an online format.

This may mean developing an online application to integrate with current processes, or re-engineering current procesess to allow effective integration with web-based methodologies.

Heliocell has completed a number of innovative online projects for customers in diverse industries.

Key heliocell staff have experience in the Energy, Health, Finance, Manufacturing, and Information Technology sectors, across a range of professional disciplines.

We bring this pool of experience to bear on application development projects to fully understand the context in which these applications operate. This allows our applications to seamlessely integrate into existing systems and business processes, and to ensure they are efficient and easy to use.

Check out some of our recent online application projects, and for more information about how we can help to automate your business processes please contact us.

Heliocell Products

Shoutpoint Shoutpoint - Email marketing tool

Riskpoint Riskpoint - Risk management software

Shoutpoint WebDIY - Website Content Management